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Equipement & process

We have specialized equipment, including an all-copper 3000 l. Vendome type steam-heated still entirely dedicated to our whisky. It allows us to delicately distill our barley while preserving its unique aromatic expression. We also have a second 2500 l. still used to produce our neutral alcohol, our gin and our liqueurs.

Located north of Montreal in Mirabel, the Côte des Saints distillery is located in an agricultural area known and sought after for the quality of its soil. Surrounded by the best natural elements, it allows the production of some of the most sought-after spirits.


It houses up-to-date and beautiful equipment. A perfect blend of refined tradition and technology in order to create the most refined spirits possible.

The distillery was custom built in 2016 and Côte Des Saints has invested in the most up to date and best possible equipment including an all copper still to ensure the smooth transfer of all unique flavours during the distilling process.


Our cask program has been designed to be one of the most ambitious in North America. Not content to simply rely on standard ex-bourbon casks, our Master Distiller has developed an exciting and imaginative program for the acquisition of casks that have already been used for the production of other fine and refined spirits. This cask collection includes some rare barrels particularly difficult to find. By using casks that once contained various types of wines, spirits, aperitifs and bitters, we have at our disposal a massive array of flavors to bolster our beautiful whisky's already complex profile.

We only work with the best barrel brokers and cask experts to obtain the highest quality barrels. Every barrel we obtain, goes through an extensive set of quality assurance checks before it enters our facility. Once on site, our Master Distiller does his own set of inspections to make sure every cask meets our rigourous standards.



We believe that controlling all stages of the manufacturing process of our spirits allows us to offer you unique products, created for you, from the grain to the bottle. For the moment, we are perfectly autonomous, except for the malting of our grains, which we have entrusted to a Quebec company with recognized expertise in this field. That being said, we hope to malting some of our grains on site in order to produce some exceptional vintages that will fully express the great potential of our terroir.

Malting the grain is a great challenge, especially if it is done according to the ancestral method of malting on the ground. In fact, very few distilleries have attempted such a daring and laborious path, but this step is in line with our philosophy of promoting the use of modern and ancestral techniques to obtain the desired flavors.

Our malting room also serves as a smoking room. If necessary, we can add peat during the drying of the grains to flavour certain vintages of our whiskys.


Our malt kiln is fuelled by peat harvested right here in Quebec. This peat provides smokey aromas of sea spray, campfires, and flowers.

We hope to eventually offer you some peated whiskys that will be added to our traditional whiskys.


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2 March 2022

They talk about us

Article in Inspiration magazine (french) Interview of Dr. François Marquis with Bernard Drainville (french)

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2 March 2022

Visit from Domaine Roy & fils

We were delighted to have hosted the managing partners of Domaine Roy & fils from Dundee, Oregon. Domaine Roy & fils is a vineyard that produces pinot noir and chardonnay.  Alain Plamondon, General Manager Robert Roy, Partner Marc-Andrée Roy, President  Visit them at : 

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