Gin Navy Stength

Code SAQ : Only available at the distillery for now

Geographical location:

Made with neutral Quebec barley alcohol distilled on site in the tradition of the British Navy, which kept its 57.1% alcohol in the hold of its ships, Côte des Saints Navy is a spring bouquet of bright, pure flavors.

Raw material used:

Juniper, pine and citrus are particularly highlighted, these flavors being favored in a gin more generous in alcohol.

Particularities of elaboration:

Navy is also a gin that surprises by its roundness, its notes of breadcrumbs and its surprising sweetness in mouth, gift of the long finish conferred by the barley.

Best way to serve it:

Very easy to taste by itself, it is able to remain the beacon and guide the taste profile of cocktails and is delicious in a classic Martini.

Culinary pairings or drinking occasions:

In the kitchen, it will accompany your recipes as much to flavour sauces and marinades as to accompany wild meat, red meat but also fish with tasty flesh such as salmon or arctic char.